About Us


Beifang Teaching Aids

 was founded in 1993 and registered in Cayman, USA. Dedicated to teaching aids and equipment for nearly 30 years, it has a production and practice base of 13,000 square meters of teaching aids. It is a double-qualified teacher training base. It is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in teaching, research and development, production, sales and service. It is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise. Digital upgrade and intelligent transformation provide system solutions, intelligent equipment and industrial software service providers.

Technological Innovation

It has independently researched and developed nearly a thousand national patents, and has invested a huge amount of money to build a new energy vehicle experience center, which has become a training base for automobile science education and visits. Ingenuity to create a high-quality platform for "production, teaching and research" in the field of smart cars, starting from new energy vehicles, traditional fuel vehicles, and intelligent networked vehicles, continue to expand industrial robots, intelligent manufacturing, automation, CNC technology, industrial Internet, industrial Internet of things, 5G Application, intelligent building, rail transit and other professional fields.

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With smart education as the core, focusing on the professional construction needs of vocational colleges, it provides research and development of automotive teaching aids, curriculum system design, full textbook compilation, supporting online courses, free teacher training, production and sales integration of production and education services. Cooperate with China Automotive Technology Research Center and the Vocational Education Department of the Ministry of Education to provide a full set of customized solutions for automotive training rooms for hundreds of secondary and higher vocational colleges.


Corporate vision

Beifang Teaching Aids R&D Center has always adhered to the school policy of "Facing the society and serving the society", sincerely provide customers with reliable products, establish a good sales and after-sale service system, and strive to build a global industry-education-integrated wisdom education ecological platform through creating high-quality products. Educational resources make teaching more effective. Global agent recruitment is in progress!